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No one should ever neglect the importance of education and learning. Through eLearning, we come to know a lot of facts and figures. Also, we come to know about the reality in the world. These days the whole world is suffering from a pandemic, COVID-19 (coronavirus), causing education to stop but eLearning has come to play an important role. eLearning helps the whole world to get an education online and helps people continue in their learning process. In this situation, eCornell website provides participants a wonderful platform to learn some great things.  

eCornell has been providing participants to explore new things and to not stop in their learning. Through this platform, a participant can earn a certificate about MarketingBusiness and Finance, HealthcareHospitalityHuman ResourcesLeadershipProject ManagementData ScienceReal EstateNutritionTechnology and  Engineering. These programs are developed by Cornell University faculty which the aim to give the best of their knowledge to every learning person. Through this program, Cornell University faculty is trying to spread the light of knowledge to all areas and every corner of the world

 eLearning is becoming an important part of ourselves. eLearning provides things that are beyond the book lines. eLearning has a reasonable price and keep the student away from buying costly books. Through eLearning, they not only study the courses but also got the chance to do some additional searches on related courses and to adopt any additional course in which they are interested. (Legault)  

eLearning is great in a way participants do not waste time finding the related books to work on their aims and goals. They simply search the thing of their interest and get the results. This helps participants in learning more in less time. The time to time courses available on different websites helps the student to grip their concepts more. These online courses inform you of the participants about their preparation, unlike the regular class sessions in which a student has to wait a week or 2 to see the results. Online courses provide the result immediately and students don’t have to wait for the result. (Verma) 

 In short, eLearning is far better than the regular traditional education. There are many benefits of eLearning. A participant can learn a lot of things, in addition to regular courses through eLearning.

Especially in situations the lockdown, eLearning has proven to be very helpful. When the whole world got isolated in their homes, and other places, when the whole world schools, colleges, and other educational institutes close, eLearning provided the platform to every person to keep on exploring things and not stop their learning process.

  The online courses provided by eCornell gives full control to students to search and explore things as much as they want. “It provides more than 30 award-winning professional certificate programs in a wide variety of disciplines”. eCornell provides excellent learning for students and prepares them for professional life. 

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Keeping your life private benefits

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A job always prevails over all else of our lives. Our appetite for professional success will force us to put aside our health. Having a harmonious work-life balance or work-life alignment is essential, therefore, not only for optimizing our physical, emotional and mental well-being but also for our job. Holding your own private life isn’t such a simple task. It’s likewise baffling when we’re not exactly where we need to be yet, know we’re not, and afterwards need to converse with individuals regarding why we’re not where we need to be and eventually tune in to their recommendations, as though we haven’t just idea of those thoughts ourselves. While most of us aren’t celebrities, the basic tenets still hold with your friends and family: if you don’t answer or your friends and family don’t care for your answers, they’ll either stop asking questions or tune you out. That doesn’t mean you have to live a boring life. We stoke these flames ourselves by the data we share via web-based networking media stages and afterwards need to confront the repercussions. In case you’re searching for specific approaches to get off the lattice (regardless of whether it’s only for somewhat), this should help.

Benefits of living a quiet and private life

There are a lot of benefits to this individual life. Imagine yourself living without:

  • Constant over the top need to keep an eye on your telephone for most recent social updates. 
  • People won’t judge you
  • You are having to stress if what you’re over to do merits transferring to web-based life. 
  • Being intellectually knocked cockeyed when you see your companion going into extravagant occasion goal. 
  • Always ask yourself, “for what reason do I have such an exhausting life?” 
  • Being annoyed by the way that your enemy is by all accounts making the most of his/her life more so than you.
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Ways to Keep Your Personal Life Private

1. Don’t over amuse

There is a chance that you don’t need individuals to realize what’s happening in your life, bore them to death. In any event that worked for previous New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter when he talked with journalists. By saying “I don’t have the foggiest idea,” or “No remark,” to catch up questions, the meetings would end without anybody increasing any data about Jeter or his partners.

2. Don’t share too much.

Because you had an amusing idea, it doesn’t imply that you need to in a flash make sense of how to communicate it in less than 140 characters so you can Tweet it to your adherents. You don’t need to post each pretty picture you take on Instagram a similar way you don’t need to litter your political perspectives all over your own (and other people’s) Facebook dividers. Regardless of whether you perceive it or not, what you put out, there can be seen by anybody. Do you have a private Facebook, Instagram, and additionally Twitter account? Serious deal. What’s halting one of your companions (who you may not know, all things considered) from sharing your posts all over their open pages? Nothing. Regardless of whether you think something you state or do will remain in a little circle, with regards to online networking, anticipate that it should move around rapidly.